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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
I have known 3 of the 4 for several years. They are outstanding folks who tell you the way it is, no need to cover up anything. They tell you the fark the way it is, no bullchit.
Jeff ive met at the A. Royal, George was an administrator here on this forum. He is also a good friend of mine. Mr. Dave Compton is as honest as the day is long. Actually I offered to throw his name into the KCBS election.....He is another no bullchit/nonsense man in my opinion.
The 4 th man, don't recall ever meeting him in person but he is endorsed very highly from the other 3 folks who are running, good enough for me.
I renewed my membership last Friday so I could vote, got busy at the A. Royal a few weeks ago and didn't do it then....grrrr.

I believe these 4 folks can make a huge change, as I know them pretty damned well. Good luck to them.
I agree they all seem to be great guys but, none of them walk in my shoes as a competitor that competes in 8-16 contests each year, judge 2-6 contests each year, work full time, and then try to create a well rounded son.
The BOD needs people like Jeff, Steve, Dave, and George, but they could use someone lime me too. Adding four people that are like minded made add some transparency to the BOD but you are in the same situation you are in now, a group of buddies that play together and stay together.
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