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Post 300 degree plus St Louis style Ribs

The plan today was to cook 2 racks of St Louis style ribs using the 3-2-1 method at around 225 degrees in the UDS. In taking pictures when I put the ribs on, the pit got rolling to over 350 degrees (first time using Wicked Weekend Warrior lump) and I had a tough time getting the temp back down.

I had the UDS down to just the ball valve open, and it was at about 1/4 open. It brought the temp down to around 310. When I bumped the valve lower, it would cut the fire out. I decided to just roll with it. I foiled the ribs at 3 hours and kept them foiled for an hour. I sauced them and put them on for another 20 minutes and pulled them as they were falling off the bone. The pit never got above 325 and never got below 300.

I used Simply Marvelous Cherry and Blue Hog on one rack and my father-in-laws custom Asian BBQ sauce and Simply Marvelou Pecan on the other. They turned out awesome. I cooked the rib tips without sauce to use for some chili next week.

I am cooking ribs in a few weeks for the opener of the Wisconsin Deer Hunt and now am wondering if I should try to get the temps back down and go for the full six hour cook or shoot for what happened today. The ribs were great and falling off the bone. Any idea why cooking them lower and slower would be a better plan?

I would have posted pron but in pulling the ribs early, I forgot to get the money shot. I had great prep shots and shots on the UDS (which started the high temp issue.)

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