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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
For those who prefer steaks medium well or well done, what is it that makes that your preference?

I can answer that easily. For me -- it's the taste of the blood first, that taste grosses me out to no end. You know how blood has that metallic taste? I taste that in bloody meat. Like licking a hammer or the back of a cast iron frying pan. Second, my mouth finds a medium steak a lot chewier than a well done steak. Third, the look of the pink and 'the idea' of it not being cooked through is a turnoff. I really love well done steak. I love the charcoal taste, I love the well-done texture, I love the juiciness -- I find my steak has all that if it's taken off the grill around 170'F. Since joining this forum I've learned a lot about cooking meat and I've just started taking it's temperature before removing it from the heat. I make way better steaks now thanks to my brethren, I don't have so many pink ones to give my partner to eat for me and I don't make 'too overdone hard ones' anymore, either. There is a big difference between a 170'F steak and a 190' or 200'F steak though I'd rather eat a 200'F one over a 150'F.
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