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If you look at the scores from many competition you will often find, regardless of how you feel the texture was, that the taste and texture scores tend to gravitate toward each other. So for instance, if you have a judge that just LOVED the flavor of your rib and gave you a 9, but that rib is underdone or overdone, you're probably still gonna get an 8, maybe even a 9. However, if a judge HATES the flavor of your rib to a 6 or 7, but you know that texture was dead on ... you're probably still gonna get a 7. That's just been my experience. And having judged a number of contest I've often found myself doing the same, ESPECIALLY on ribs, to the point that prior to judging (ribs in particular) I remind myself that they are different categories and it's ok to give a 6/9 or 9/6.

It may not be a comforting response, but that's just been my experience.
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