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We kind of just jumped in this year. Did a few backyard competitions tied to MBN and the same for a backyard tied to a KCBS. They were nice because they cost less than the pro and you get about the same experience. The prize money isn't as large, but we were looking at it more from a "just getting experience" perspective. Oh and also to have a crap load of fun. That actually was the main objective, but then the competitive nature kicks in and we wanted to do better. Then we did 3 Pro KCBS and have progressively gotten better with a few calls here and there and also doing better in the overall rankings each time.

We pretty much learned everything from this forum and a few other websites and youtube has some videos on competition too. I'm not sure how much help I would really be since I'm a rookie, but feel free to message me. I can give more of the "rookie perspective" for whatever that is worth .
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