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Originally Posted by 10_Bears View Post
For those that have the side air intake pipe, what are your pipes made of? I found a perfect sized pipe today for mine but it's galvanised. As it's actually outside the drum it shouldn't really matter, should it???
Zinc, which is the plating on galvanized steel, doesn't melt until 787 degrees F, and it doesn't boil until ~1600 degrees F. The only hazard is zinc vapors, which definitely won't become mobile until above the melting point (and probably not until the boiling point, but don't quote me on that). Consequently, just don't use it on your charcoal basket and it'll never be a problem. Nothing else gets anywhere near that hot in a smoker.

Some here will say "better safe than sorry", but especially since zinc vapors are only a hazard if you inhale them, and a significant quantity of them at that, it's kind of a stretch.

FYI, some people here use a PVC pipe as a smoke stack, and that works fine. When smoking at 225, I can literally lift the lid off of the smoker with my bare hands, especially if I use my 2" galvanized pipe smoke stack as a handle. That should give you an idea of how hot the smoke stack (doesn't) get during use.

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