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Originally Posted by Smoothsmoke View Post
Does it taste like beef? Also, is it true that you have to spray yourself with female deer urine to attract deer?
Actually, the tenderloin tasted like beef or even almost like pork. Since I put a good layer of rub on it that flavoring was very prominent. I can say that the typical gamey taste was not there. Now, these deer were not in rut (mating season) yet which is often blamed for some off tastes as the hormone levels change during the breeding season.

For mule deer, we are essentially doing what is called spot and stalk. We keep the wind in consideration but with a rifle you can lessen the effect of human odor on the hunt. When bow hunting you do need to be much more careful about your scent. Many people do use cover scents to help hide their odor. This is especially true when whitetail hunting from a tree stand. Since you cannot control the direction the deer might approach from, you need to be invisible to their noses. Female urine and more specifically urine from does that are in heat are used as an attractant. Much like dogs, deer use scent to know when the females are ready to be bred.

Edit: I should add that the meat we will grind will definitely have more of a gamey taste. It is also very lean. However, when mixed with ground pork butt for sausage or left plain and added to chili, you would probably never know you were eating venison unless someone told you.
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