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Most of the meat was washed and frozen to be ground later. Some will be kept as just ground and we plan to make some sausage. However, the prize cuts are the backstraps (loins) and the tenderloins. These were saved separately to grill. I originally kept out a tenderloin (what was we could salvage of it) for the tenderloin TD. However, after seeing some of the great entries and knowing that this probably wasn't going to be pretty, I held off. Then the Man Sized Meat TD was announced and this fit perfectly. After reading everything above, is there anything more manly?

I seasoned the meat up with some steak dust and some Rub Co Santa Maria rub. I let it sit overnight in the fridge. The meat was still quite bloody since we couldn't bleed the deer. In hind sight I probably should have tried to soak some out.

I decided this would be a good time to break in my recently purchased SJG so I grilled it up with some eggplant slices I was concerned it would be a little lean as it didn't have much fat in it so I wrapped it in bacon for the first part of the cook.

Even thought it looks under-cooked, I cooked the tenderloin up to 135* and let it rest for a bit. As you can see it was still quite bloody but I was surprised that it did not affect the taste at all. It was quite good and I did enjoy the eggplant as well (thanks Gore ).

Really the only issue I had was a few times I found some bone fragments. Yes Guerry, it was blown to chit.

To satisfy Redhot's TD requirements, even though the meat was sliced for eating, it was a man sized meal. To avoid any dilly bar issues, here is the meat and only the meat sliced up for eating followed by the almost empty plate. Yeah, it's bloody but what says manly more than a bloody plate of meat freshly harvested from an animal off the side of a mountain? I challenge anyone to produce a more manly plate of meat.

Thank you for looking and coming along on my adventure with me. It was an amazing time and I am definitely hooked on hunting for mule deer. Maybe some day I can meet up with some brethren and share the experience on another hunt. We are going to Alaska next year but are definitely considering Wyoming for 2013. Plus, we learned our lesson and will find someone with horses or pack mules to pack in our gear and supplies.

Wow, that was long. I need a beer now. BTW, plenty more pics here :
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