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I am new to this forum, and am sure this topic has been discussed before but I can not find anything in the archives. Does anyone have any information about this method of making top of the line meat cuts out of scraps?? I have a hard time believing I just came across this, any thoughts from y'all are appreciated

Industry-Wide Use of Meat Glue Sticks Together Scraps of Meat To Sell You Prime Cuts
Submitted by Lois Rain on March 29, 2011 Ė 6:30 pm42 Comments

Did you know your meats contain meat glue? Just one more way food producers can sell more, while lowering the quality of what you consume. If itís so harmless and miraculous, why didnít we know about it before? Itís not on labels because technically it is not part of formulation of the product. Thatís a giant stretch. It is not harmlessÖand yes, you are actually ingesting it all the time!

It creates a type of franken-meat in that it allows butchers to use the undetectable glue to piece together scraps of meat into a seamless full meat cut. England banned use of Thrombin coagulant last year. They found it mislead consumers to think they are getting a prime cut for their money, and also the original glue was made from cow and pig blood, something they didnít think was wise in restaurant meats.

When multiple pieces are globbed together, bacteria have a better chance of growth. ďIf there is a bacteria outbreak, itís much harder to figure out the source when chunks of meat from multiple cows were combined,Ē said Keith Warriner who teaches food science at University of Guelph.

The EU recently brought back the use of the new glue, Thrombian, or Transglutaminase, right along with Australia, Canada and the US. The FDA, of course, deems it GRAS (generally recognized as safe). The meat preparers in the video below need to wear masks when using it because, ďItís dangerous só.Ē

Itís hush-hush because meat preparers are afraid to lose their suppliers and customers. The next time you buy natural and organic meat, it wouldnít hurt to ask about its use.

~Health Freedoms

Meat Glue: It sounds utterly repellent; like some pre-industrial, rustic adhesive, but itís actually a fine, tasteless powder that looks like icing sugar and is it makes meat and other proteins stick together like super glue. If your eating meat, chances are youíre eating or have eaten the glue at some point.

This sort of thing has been a boon to the food industry, which can now treat all sorts of proteins like meat or fish as just another material to be processed, but in the hands of molecular gastronomists itís become a way to manipulate food in a way that would have been previously impossible. Itís possible, for example, to make tenderloin rolls wrapped in bacon that hold together perfectly without the need for twine or toothpicks. So what kind of glue is it exactly?
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