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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
You knew this thread would draw my ass in guns blarin' LOL. Like I have settled on long ago. In the right hands, a brisket can be delicious either way... personally, I think hot and fast is just damn good because well... there is less time to screw it up and dry it out.
think about a few things.

Know I realize the draw on "low and slow" and the feeling (ego) that if you can do it lower and slower then you are a more a man or something. Heck I was raised up in a world voted by the Texas State Legislature as the BBQ center of Texas... they did briskets (14 -16 lbs at a pop) between 6 AM and 10 Damn 30.... Every day for like 80 years.

But even after all this when I started experimenting long ago (late 80s early 90s) I was bit by the loow and slow bug too. And even in the infancy of Internet BBQ lessonry I still was scared of the myth that if you cook the briskets too high (like over 250) then all hell would break loose and the collagen would be forever trapped in your chewey briskets. Heck, 7 years ago that why we all got those remote temp probes for our smokers so we could stay awake all night and monitor for the specter of the flair up.

Low and slow is, and I have explained this many times to various newcomers in the restaurant world that were cooking as low as 215, that when you are in that zone, one little screw up and you are out of the cooking range and into the jerky and dried brisket and over smoking range.

Well I am done here.

Leave my belly out of this.

I think it all comes down having the proper equipment (in my case, it's a Backwood's Chubby) and knowing your smoker.

This enables me to pop my brisket in, and know exactly when I have to add more fuel and take my one temp reading (do em both @ 8.5 hours in).

Can't prove it, but in addition to the fact that "if you're lookin, you ain't cookin"... I think that lookin at it disrupts the process and is a major factor in ruining a cook.
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