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I wonder what the future of this event would be and how the teams would of felt if the event had only advertised the $18,400 payout? Still good money. I wonder if all the teams would of still came for $18,400????? I would guess this thing could of been a real positive instead of a negative if more realistic numbers would of been advertised for payout. I would expect a little change in KCBS rules and procedures to insure funds are really available. Sounds like this guy could of just faked having the money longer since many contests take weeks to finally mail checks.

It sounds like letting this info go until after turn-ins would of been better in the long run. The meeting and distraction messed up some time lines, thus affecting quality of meat. KCBS wanted to not sit on the info so it didn't look like they had concealed anything after the fact. Bad situation for all involved.
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