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Default RE: Re: RE: "Already Enhanced" ?

Not much to add to that, James. Good directions, pretty much the way we do it here. I agree with you about the veggie oil. I have used peanut oil and veggie oil and now I always go with veggie.
A couple of add-on points about safety. You are right, you cannot be too careful.

If you are using a turkey stand, Please be sure to insert it into the turkey through the neck cavity, so the bird will go into the oil breast down. Reason, the NECK cavity is so much smaller, if it is up, the hot oil will vocano up out of this and be almost un-controlable.
Also, I enlist a helper, and use a 6 foot piece of 2 x4 or something similar, and run it through the turkey basket bail, or the turkey stand handle(looks sort of like a coat hanger, with a hook to grab the stand.) with one person on each end, you can lower the bird into the oil without being quite so close.

Again, Great directions, James, and definitely the best way to cook a whole turkey. I can't stop cooking them this way if I wanted to, my family would not let me :D

Edit: If you read this already, my dyslxia got me. I just changed the part about inserting the turkey stand. It should have read that the neck cavity is smaller than the rear but I got it backwards the first time. sorry.
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