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Originally Posted by SoEzzy View Post
And I'll do the same again on the next throwdown, when someone buys the food and doesn't cook it.

The whole idea of a throwdown, is that you put together something, show your ingredients, your cooking process, and how you plate it up.

Paying for the food, and having someone else doing everything else, does not a throwdown make!
and that's why I asked Dan and KAM about having a family cookout at our house in the phils. none of us three thought of asking you. sorry about that.

Sorry you didn't come to me nicely with your feelings before slamming me.
Sorry I'm the only one trying to "get along".
Sorry you started on me again after the post was wiped when I wasn't even saying anything about it and I was trying to move on.
Sorry I stepped on your toes.

Let's try to move on now.
If I wanted to effect the throwdown, I would have asked for help on the votes. there is only like 20 votes now. I did this for fun. Your taking the fun out of it. I pulled an awesome cookout together (IMO) that I'm proud of and have yet to hear what you think of the cookout. What do you think of it?

Sorry for venting but after your 2 onsite vents and this offsite vent, I felt like I had one coming.

I have a motto (like when Mike was swearing at me) if I can't keep it friendly, I don't say anything. I won't take the bait. That anti-american "nuclear pig" guy is posting on my threads and I haven't mentioned how he treated that service man's dad. I get along. That's your house.

I respect you and defend you in your house and would never do this there. The one time you complemented me, you said I have ADD or something like that. OK, I probably earned that .

So, what did you think of this cookout?
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