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That was a great post, thanks. The one thing that jumped out at me was the lack of refrigeration and running water, it may have been there just could not see it. I know most of the food was done close to harvesting it so that must be a factor.

My point being I believe we have all become way over concerned with food safety, not that I want to suggest we ignore it but some times I see questions about food safety here that are way over the top with concern. It reminded me of Thanksgiving and Christmas or anytime we had a party back in the day, the food was out all day, the turkey actually had the stuffing in the bird and was left that way, everyone would go back to the table for more throughout the day for more with no microwave to reheat anything and I can only remember my Dad getting sick one time when he gorged himself with dressing and beer. It was a much simpler time with a whole lot less fuss and worry than in our world today and I for one am glade I got to experience it. I would love to experience some third world cuisine, question being if I saw how it was prepared could I handle it? I think so, my wife and kids not so much.
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