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Originally Posted by FireChief View Post
Agreed. Pass on the Pecos and shell out for the Brazos. If your store has both you will see and feel the difference immediately. Brazos has to be twice as heavy so will retain heat much longer. If not 1/4" steel has to be close to it. I got a 1/4" offset in the summer and got rid of all my other toys including my WSM. Love stick burning. Yes, it's more work but I've never made better BBQ in my life.
Firechief, don't know if the Brazos will even be available any longer, but if spending a grand I'll probably hold out for a small-ish trailered rig off craigslist. For some reason, unlike in Texas especially, there's plenty of craigs-listed trailered rigs here in the midsouth but decent used backyard pits are few and far between. If memory serves, I saw the Brazos in the Tuscaloosa Academy and it's probably 3/16ths like the All-American pits that Old Country sells. I can't get a stickburner until next year anyway though, (Lord willing), since my daughter is getting married in December. Just looking now, and $400 is the best price I've seen so far for a 350 lb. 20" offset, whatever thickness it is.

As to your last couple of comments, I can really appreciate your perspective, and that's why I'm going back to stickburning. However, I won't get rid of my wsm. I've read here and elsewhere of guys really happy with getting good stickburning smoke on butts/briskets for a while and then "setting and forgetting" on the wsm for the rest of the day/night. Chicken on the wsm and ribs off the offset sounds like a great bbq plan, too.

Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
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