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Originally Posted by Texas Turtle View Post
The Pecos isn't a bad deal at $400, but the Brazos model they had for $999 was a much more substantial smoker. I was going to buy myself one for my birthday, but my local store was out. The manager said they would call me when they got some more in, but I never heard back from him. Meanwhile, the Brazos has disappeared from both the Academy and Old Country web sites. I emailed the manufacturer and asked what the deal was, but got no reply.
Agreed. Pass on the Pecos and shell out for the Brazos. If your store has both you will see and feel the difference immediately. Brazos has to be twice as heavy so will retain heat much longer. If not 1/4" steel has to be close to it. I got a 1/4" offset in the summer and got rid of all my other toys including my WSM. Love stick burning. Yes, it's more work but I've never made better BBQ in my life.
Horizon 24" X 48" Marshal RD Special Offset
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