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I'm sorry, took me a few days to get back to the forums. You did have some good advice! I'll give the browning a shot on a small piece the next time we do some. And the "waste" I'm talking about is only bones and fat; every last ounce of meat is used. We pull it all and blend it together, and serve it the same way we do pulled pork.

As for the other lamb/mutton recipes, they sound interesting to me, but I don't think this is the correct target market for something like that. We live in a small rural town, and I'm afraid things that my customers can't pronounce (souvlak... I gotta admit, *I* don't even know that one lol) won't go over very well.

Sheep might be a lot more prevalent in your area than they are around here. We're one of the VERY few restaurants within a 50 mile radius to serve mutton, lamb, or anything sheep-related. That might explain the cost difference. I'd still like to hear from some people closer to the area what they're paying for mutton.

@daverev: Never expected someone so close by to see us on the forums! Thanks for responding. Stop in next time you're in town. Introduce yourself to either me or Dave. It's a father & son business, and one of us is almost always here.
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