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OK. Let me see if I can explain my situation again. I purchased custom grates from Brain a long time ago. I approved my simple design a long time ago. Ive called Brian many times. I left messages with no response. I emailed from his web page many times and again no response. I did track him down to this website with hopes that he would respond and he did - sort of.

His PM to me: Your grate has been shipped. I will locate your grate or ship you another.

Ok thats great. That should take 5 mins to check and respond with some time of tracking to let me know the product is in transit. But now Brian still has not provided a tracking number and Ive learned through Yahoo Shopping Services that the product was never shipped.

Left with no other recourse, I have made a formal complaint to BBB and to Yahoo Shopping Services with their merchant abuse center. My efforts so far to rectify this issue. Sure I could have called my bank a month ago when I was in the quagmire of no communication with Brian. Charges would have been filed and he would be looking at a felony right now. That's still an option for me.

I did a lot of research on my grates to match smoker that I bought almost a year ago. I was very impressed see Brian's grates featured on BBQ Pit Boys page. Brian's web page states that all orders will be completed in two months. Communication will be made with delays. He even warranty his product. Brian did not fulfill the promises made and by law - he defaulted.

My post back to Brian was to let him know that time was running out. I meant it. I hope I got his attention this time.

Brian, I would love to have your product grace my smoker. But you need to ship now - not in a few days when you get around to it, NOW. At this point I don't need to know how great your product is or how beloved you are to the BBQ Community. That's what sold me when I made my order. But to savage my opinion of you and your business at this point, you need to complete this transaction. Provide a tracking number and assure your product is in transit. Just as I have been asking for many months.

OK? Are we clear now?
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