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Originally Posted by Kenny Rogers View Post
Those disposable paper cutting boards are pretty handy too!
I don't know if this is a lesson learned but it sure made things easier for my team of one.
While I'm at a comp I have my water, soap, and pan, but I don't do dishes. It's mainly for hand washing and knife cleaning.
My table is hard plastic, so I use a clorox spray and paper towels after each use. All my trimming is done at home the night before. My sauces and injections are in plastic water containers (back packing type) and marked for each meat and I have a seperate injector or brush for each, and I use the disposable paper cutting boards.
After using each I put them in a plastic bag and wash them when I get home after the competition. May not be for everyone, but it really helps me to have one less thing to worry about.
Thanks everyone for their input!
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