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Also you claim to have gotten emaisl from people who have also been "victimized" How about having them post here as well. How about you provide some proof to your claim because right now out of over 725 orders run through my website over the past nearly 4 years, I have 3 unhappy customers who have contacted me. You being 1 of them. That is better than most ebay sellers satisfaction. 0.001% negative feedback. Im not nullifying your feelings of being harmed but given the chance a month ago for a refund and now also offering the refund and all along having the option to contact your credit card company, I mean it just kinda makes this all out to sound like you want this to be painful or you need a cause to be a PITA.

You tell me what you want and I will overnight a check or a product to you signature required tomorrow.

I cant imagine that with that option on the table offered in plain sight of everyone that visits this forum you can be unhappy with this offering. Hell I will even post pictures of said check/product and video of it leaving my hands at the shipper.

Keep in mind the shipping on this probably will cost more than you paid for the thing but I am willing to do that so that maybe (just maybe) you would calm down in the next couple weeks, enjoy your grate, and say... "I was one of very few who didnt have a spectacular experience getting the product from Huntingdon County Customs LLC in Huntingdon County, Huntingdon, PA 16652 but in the end and as always, the company stepped up, ate the costs and made a genuinely great product which I will be happy with for many years. I might even tell a friend."

So I will check in on this in the morning for your response. I've had another long day and tomorrow will also be long but I do it because I love BBQ, fabrication, and building my business honestly.
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