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Got rid of the matchlight.
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My wife and I operated a stand for 4 years and I miss it very much. When we started we had the same question. Quickly learned the hard way that if you selling BBQ at a high volume show you cook ahead or you will be in serious trouble. We had a few counties where the HD wanted to do the inspection before cooking and all of them expected everything to be cooked 100% on site. Yeah Right! Sorry but it's not hardly possible .....the first day anyhow. We learned to cook a day or two before, freeze it and keep it cold and out of sight. We would show the HD some fresh meat in the fridge or coolers and they were happy. When they left the pre cooked went on the grill for heat and smoke along with fresh on a different part of the grill of course. This is key in a one day show. If your there for two or more days your just always cooking ahead. And the trick is reading the business and staying ahead without over doing it. You will experience many highs and lows but always talk to your people and have fun.
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