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Default Electrical blow dryers

MINUTES of the BOD Meeting on June 8, 2011): Tana Shupe - Asked that the minutes be approved as presented with the following change in the Rules Committee Report : It was determined that an electrical blow dryer is considered a secondary heat source, and may not be used at KCBS-sanctioned contests. Seconded by Wayne Lohma, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.

I had heard this but was unsure. I have seen a team in more than one competition use an electrical blow dryer very recently (within the last month). Does this take effect immediately or when the new rules come out for 2012?
When I saw the team doing this, I thought isn't that illegal now. Another team and I were talking and scratching our heads over it. I know since they ruled on the pork collar the reps have let it be known at comps.

I am not looking to get any particular team(s) in trouble. It would be a moot point now that the comps are over, but I would like to know.
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