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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I can only speak for myself and my post that I made, so this doesn't apply to everyone...heck, maybe it only applies to myself.

I consider myself a judge, not a cook. I have judged a lot more than I have competed. I've competed enough to count the events on just one hand.

I don't consider this a "bash the judges" thread, because that would men I am bashing myself and other people I know who I respect very much.

That said, the majority of the time there is one person who I talk to in the judges tent when I am judging that always surprises me with their ignorance. It's like I am a magnet for them. I probably look like a dumbass (goes without saying really) and is probably why they decide to sit at the same table and talk to me. Because of this, I can't help but wonder how pervasive the problem is.

I really like engaging people in conversation after scoring to get their opinions. This is when that stuff finally comes out. I do not expect people to share my opinions, that would be ignorant. But I can not reason out an excuse for comments like:

"I love judging because I can't get food this good at home or at restaurants so everyone gets 8's or 9's for all the time and money they put into it". (I wonder where this mentality came from...the judging side or the cooking side?)

"I'm just here for the ribs". (I hear that one a lot)

"I hate brisket". (usually said by the person who is just there for the ribs)

"I score down if I can identify the sauce used while tasting, they need to doctor it up".

"I don't like BBQ chicken skin so I never eat it, I just peel it off". (so save some time during prep)

I better stop in case I'm just making stuff worse. So to all of you judges (myself included) who are being bashed, sorry!
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