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Ok, let's ban all coolers & baggies.

Now, because at least one team has been caught using a torch to "set his sauce" let us therefor make torch possesion a capital crime, or at least ban them for 1,000 years.

I'm just using your own logic here, BoneDaddy's.

Now if we can get some kind of continuing education programs for both judges & cooks to refresh some memories; if we can get some more judges to come out on Friday night & meet the teams that they'll be judging tomorrow; if we can quit the "Let's just lump 'em all together" attitude and deal with individual people - - - well then, I think that we might be on to something.

Most judges are doing the very best that they can to judge fairly.
Most judges do take a good bite or two from each entry.
Most judges cannot eat the 2 to 3 pounds of food that is put on their plate at a comp at a single sitting.
Most judges are not there to just fill their cooler while they fark over the cooks.

Yes, there are some judges who need to get a "talkin' to" as the old man used to say. And some judges probably need to be removed from the judging rolls permanently. But then again, there's no one group of people who are perfect.
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