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Thats funny I have no missed calls and no voicemails from you. I have 2 pm's from you asking for a tracking number after I get in from working in the shop all day. Notice the time stamp here for your records. and note Im gonna get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

I doubt you are getting PM's from others who "slipped through the cracks."

I really dont appreciate being flamed here. I sent you a message in good faith you would allow me the chance to make things right. I've said I would make an inquirely into your package and I would ship you another if that grate is infact lost. You have to be able to appreciate from a small business stand point I cannot just make and ship products out without first confirming they didnt arrive. I have been burned on that one before.

This isnt done yet and I did post that message after I sent you a reply to your PM. I am not dodging your calls but maybe you should leave a message if you want a call back. I get calls from all over the country everyday at all hours of the day. When I am in the shop I dont hear my phone which happens to be a cell phone. Im also not getting your emails if you are sending them. Believe me that this is a simple grate and nothing I would be dragging my feet on. Ask any of the brethren here if I have ever run into troubles getting them a product. I know of 2 and both were made right. I was even offering to drive one to the most recent customer who wanted to present the item to someone at an event which luckily turned up in the UPS system.

So I will ask that you keep this civil and respectful. Like I always say when I find myself in a situation like this...
"I will bend over backwards to help my customers but I'll never bend over forwards."
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