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It's a low-profit item, for certain, but from the studies we've done so far, it doesn't seem to be actually COSTING us money to serve it. I just want to increase the profit percentage on it. The only 2 ways to do that are to charge more for it (I don't think we could get away with that in our area, it's already viewed as expensive) and to get a better yield out of it.

Yield is controlled by moisture loss. Minimizing the amount of moisture the mutton loses during the cooking process is the only way I know to increase the yield. I'm hoping someone will have some more tips for me on how to do that, or on any other ways to increase yield that I haven't thought of yet.

Note: we have already tried wrapping it in foil and placing pans of water in our smoker. Got some positive results out of those two things, but I'm looking for more.

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