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I have been interested in doing some BBQ catering for a long time. My ex and I used to have a catering business that was going well until she got lazy and started turning down jobs! Anyway...
Upon carefully reading the rules for food service establishments here in Tennessee, there's a little passage that says something like "casual, infrequent food sellers did not have to comply with the state / local regulations for food service establishments. I thought to myself "surely that ain't right?" So, I called the local HD and asked him about it. He said "yep, that's correct!" When I asked what he considered "infrequent," he said, "oh, once a month or so." But he went on to say that you couldn't hand out business cards, etc., in other words, have a formal business. So, at least here in TN, you can try your hand without investing a fortune to meet code. Carefully read your local codes. Who knows, could be the same where you live!
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