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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
ah, i see. that makes sense.

i have to back my way into it. i have a little something planned in the spring that could lead to a good stream of business. so i'd like to be legal by then, in order to be able to offer professional services. this thing would be a private party. as it gets closer, i'll divulge more.

as far as step 1, i have a call in, waiting for a return call. will follow up tomorrow.

then, it's attorney time. uh boy.
Attorney for the Corporation? I have heard that "Legal Zoom" is good for setting this up at a reduced rate. Surely someone on here has used this service and can comment? I personally have set up two non-profits as corporations and saved them the $750 attorney fees, and it really wasn't rocket science. But I don't know about this type of thing. Might not be that much different!
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