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I have read all 8,694 post on the thread. I have to say all the brethren on this thread really annoy me. In my intro on Cattle Call I spoke of wanting to build my own smoker that "will hold a constant temp without having to adjust and add water etc every hour or so" @Rookie'48 said "I can't believe that no one else has said this yet, so I'll be the first: "Build a UDS!" First I had to see what the heck UDS stood for. When I found out I thought what the heck would I want to build an ugly smoker out of a drum for? I had already been researching MIG welders and doing all my homework on building a Stumps Clone. I was still going down that path when I was looking through the forums one day when I found this monster thread with over 8,000 posts. What on earth could be so fascinating to generate that number of posts??? I started reading and like so many before me came to the realization that this thing called a UDS fit what I was looking for. Here I was all ready to buy a welder and spend lots of money on steel and everything else and the brethren here ruined that for me. See why I am annoyed? ;) Ok, so I can be just a little facetious at times, lol. I started looking for used Webers and found a 18.5 for $5.00 at a garage sale listed on CL. I started looking at drums and then I found a bargain, a brand new 55 gallon unlined open drum with lid for $30.00. When I went to look at the drum I measured it knowing I wanted to upgrade sometime to a dome lid. It was a little too big measuring 23 1/2 and 23 top and bottom. The gentleman asked me if that was ok and I said I was hoping for a slightly smaller drum. He said try this one. It is what we call a "narrown head drum" Bingo! 22.5" on the nose! Priced the expanded today with a 12"x48" piece of flat expanded 3/4" #9 for $9.00 bucks. Looks like I have caught this sickness like the rest of
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