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Default So, how did it start?

So yeah, I love BBQ, wanna fight about it? I cook at home, I cook for the family, I do some comps, blah blah.

In my town everyone who sells pellet grills sells Traeger's. And I do mean everyone. So, I did some research, got off my butt and put a little money into getting the only Green Mountain Grills dealership in town.

I have a full time job working at the family business and I do the pellet grill thing on the side. I keep em stored in the warehouse at work and sometimes people call and say "hey man, can we come by and look at a grill"?

Long story short, the infrequency of the calls is slightly disappointing, and as I am constantly yearning to be a little more involved in all things BBQ I am considering trying my hand at some "very light" weekend catering gigs.

When I say light I mean cooking meat in an FEC100 in the garage, cooking sides in my oven, putting chit into a cambro, driving it to said bachelor party, slapping some high fives, glancing at the stripper and rolling out.

I don't want to have to come back for anything. I'm confident in my Q, got some amazing baked beans that the wife makes, and my cole slaw I will put against anyone .

Sooooo, before you all doze off from reading my life story, how does a tiny caterer just cook a couple events a month out of an FEC in the garage and an electric Kenmore in the kitchen? I really don't want to have to pay for a website and all that. I will however bend to peer pressure and buy some business cards.

Can it be done? Story at 11.
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