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Chris' book is my favorite bbq book and I have WAY TOO MANY. If you don't really care about crisp chicken skin but like it juicy, his loaf pan chicken is fantastic. Just make sure the bird isn't any larger than about 3.5 lb. and I like to flip the birds midcook for better smoking and browning. The peach butt is great, too, but you've gotta make some BBG sop favorite vinegar sop for sure.

Of course, the white sauce chicken is great too, but you don't want to hold him to his temps/times. Like I mentioned in a thread the other day, I couldn't figure out why he said to do the chicken at 325* for three hours, but I think it was because he was simply going by how they did it at the restaurant with FIFTY birds at a time, and a baste/flip/baste/pepper midcook. Also, it looked like their pit therm was in the lid so the grate temp would probably be lower.

Like I said though, it's my favorite bbq book and I can't wait to try more recipes in it. Oh yeah, the slaw he came up with for Martha Stewart is really good...just use half the called for onion amount if it's very strong. Regardless though, it's simply the best I've tried, whether on a fork or pulled pork sandwich.
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