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I had a Char-griller w/ sfb, but since it's so short you have to at least turn the charcoal grate upside down and use it as a heat shield if you want to smoke much meat at once or cook cleanly under 275*. As a grill it's ok, but I much prefer Weber kettles. I got my 22.5" OTG off craigslist for $50. You can't adjust the coal height, but it cooks much more evenly and the damper does a much better job adjusting temp because of the tight design. If I want to cook more, I just fire up some charcoal in my OTHER Weber 22.5" kettle. Yep, I like my kettles, both for direct grilling and HH indirect. It's amazing how evenly half a grate full of wings will cook up with all the charcoals pushed to the other side.

Back to the CG and offsets though....I think an offset stickburner's cooking chamber is best left for smoking, not direct grilling because the high temps can mess with the seasoning.
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