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I think I am going to change my plans to looking into building a UDS and look for a used offset on CL that is fairly close and really good deal. They seem to be easy and cheap to build and people seem to be able put out some good BBQ and looks like they would be easy to use with quite a bit less tending than an offset. I have access to a few 55 gallon drums but they have had used motor oil stored in them. There seems to be mixed opinions on this being safe to use. I am in the opinion if you clean it out and give it a good burn you will be all set but other people says you will never get that oil out of there.I plan on using one to build a UDS and another one to build a wood burning grill for when I just want to do steaks or burgers and dogs or something similar to that and don't have the time for a slow cook. Building the grill out of the drum doesn't seem that difficult but building a good sturdy stand looks a little more difficult.
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