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Originally Posted by Mr. Bo View Post
I thought it sounded really cheap since I bought a 4 x 8 sheet of 16 gauge from them a few months ago for around $80. He never said if the expanded sheet was #9 or something else but I need something pretty heavy.
Whatever the price mmmmmeat and I only live a few miles apart and we both need fire baskets and I want shelves, etc. We need to tag team a 4 x 8 sheet.

I guess I'm Nashville(TN), we have a Metal scraps store.......I paid $16 for a 11" x 48" piece of #9 expanded metal that was a scrap. And for the included price, I got another piece of it for the bottom of my basket. That was also scrap and was about 11" by 14" that I trimmed to fit the circle of the basket. I can buy anything there that is considered scrap. As long as it is in my ability to form or cut or weld it, it is way cheaper than buying full length or sheets of the same material.
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