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Originally Posted by jminion View Post
As a KCBS Reb and after the 22nd a CBJ trainer I only have some comments.

1. The judge that would not eat chicken skin, during his training he was old what KCBS expect him to do. He was instructed to bite off a piece with the meat and chew to judge texture and taste at this point he can remove to his napkin, he does not have to swallow it. By coming to judge he is stating that he is willing to judge what the cook wanted to present.
I would have talk to the judge about what we expect, from there decide if the judge would continue to judge.

2. Not only are the judges told smokering is not to be considered but so are the cooks. When the judges do consider smokering it puts cooks in a tough situation.

As a cook I want to be judged within the rules, just a fair shot. I also understand judges will give smokering points, so I best have it there but it makes the competing harder.

Robert, it was your first time judging and what you found does not surprise me, but it is about giving the cooks the best shot within the rules. As you judge more I hope you will find it different.
Glad to see these corrections here. I'll add one more piece of advice: When judging, you are not juding to your personal tastes, but to how well the meats meet the standards (they are often broad and sometimes vague) -- go to the kcbs site for a copy of the judges CD and read it. Most skilled judges are looking for great BALANCE in the entry. This means no one thing (sauce, smoke, rub, injection, mop, etcl) dominates the flavor but that all combine to produce an exciting blend of great flavor. Combine this will proper texture and good appearance and high scores result.

Welcome to the judging world! It's fun but a very important job. The cooks invest lots of money and time to compete and they deserve only the very best in judging.
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