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Ive been reading this for a few weeks now and am at page 140 of 174 (50 posts per page) and I dont remember if i read anything addressing these issues. If they we addressed, then I apologize. I finally picked up the new unlined drum on Monday and a new performer lid today thanks to a brethren. I opened the drum clamp and the Weber lid doesn't fit the top but fits the bottom perfectly. Is it ok to remove the bottom and build the smoker upside down with the clamp on or are there problems with doing that? Also, when i opened the drum, I noticed about 12 pin holes on one side of the drum. they are about mid way up. Will this pose a problem? I would think not since they are tiny and are a constant but if they are, how do i mitigate their influence on temperature? Lastly, the drum is rusted inside as it was a brand new unlined drum. Im sure the pin holes let in humid air causing it to rust. Will a burn out remove the rust or do i have to sand it down?
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