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Originally Posted by tamadrummer View Post
Holy cow, I think your cooker is better than the egg! You spent about 500 to 600 less and got as much or more than the brand name. They are all coming out of China so not much difference there. The only reason I want to go with Primo is because they are American in America and you can do indirect with the coals actually placed to one side not with a plate over the fire. Yeah it works but I like the Primo design a little more.

I will be buying through Directbuy since my BIL has an account and it is decent priced but no where near the deal you hooked up on! Congrats on the deal!
I too am leaning towards the Primo XL, but if I can find a BGE XL at good price I'll take it.

With that said, I'm not sure if you're implying that BGE is made in China, they're not. How can you say it's better than the egg? (No offense OP). You get much more with the egg than the Menards cooker, things that are unseen and of great value, same with Primo.

Great looking grub man. That pizza is on point.
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