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id never put coals in my cook chamber. i thought of doing this BEFORE i purchased my smoker. now that i have it... no way. its my baby. fire in the firebox only for me. mine has a grill area above the firebox, but ill prolly never use it.

id say get a nice smoker to smoke things. buy a cheap charcoal grill to grill on. i have a gasser so i just use that to grill.

when i was down in florida i stopped at academy and looked at the old countrys. they arent half bad. pretty nice for a store bought offset. give em a try.

i did a TON of research for my offset. if u want to step it up a bit from the store bought old countrys, then call old country themselves. the ones they make for customers are a higher quality than the ones at academy. thicker steel and such. but they jump in price up to about the 900-1100 mark. but thats the cheapest ones i found using 3/16th steel that are still high quality. after that you jump up to the 1500 big boys. the gators and jj pits of the pit world.
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