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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Default The Great Stuffed Pepper De-Bacle of 2011...

Well, the "Shell" throwdown is one throwdown I will not soon forget.

First off, I had several creative ideas, but none of them worked out to be plausible. So, I decided to do stuffed peppers, with the peppers being the "shell." Yeah, it was a mediocre idea, but it was the best I could muster.

So, I set up the mini-WSM, and made up my normal meatloaf mix of half ground beef and half ground pork, with a couple of eggs and some bread crumbs. I used a mexican mix of herbs and spices. I loaded up a couple orange bell peppers (sweeter and healthier), and topped the loaded peppers with Mexican Cheese.

So far, so good.

I put the meat on the mini WSM, which was running a perfect 250 degrees at the food grate level. YES!

I got up to 135 on the probe, on the way to my 160 degree done temp, and a farking rainstorm hit. Yes, in the middle of the worst farking drought in Texas history, a rainstorm hit.

I put on my welders gloves, grabed the mini WSM by the legs, and I tried to move it into the garage. Dayum, that thing was top heavy. Just as I tried to set it on the floor, the farking thing went over, crashing to the garage floor, sending grease, lit charcoal and food across the floor. FARK!

Well, the stuffed peppers managed to land upright in their foil container, so all was not lost. But, I needed to get the food and chit up before psycho poodle got to it, and hurt himself while simultaneously ruining what was left of my food.

I yelled at the dog, and ran into the house to get something to put the food in.

At this point, the reader needs to know that I have been having problems with the doorknob on my back door, the last few weeks.

I slammed the door behind me in my haste to save my food, and the farking doorknob froze up. I couldn't get out of the house.

So, I hit the button for my wrought-iron driveway gate, and ran for the front door.

At this point, the reader needs to know that if you push the button for the gate wrong, it gets stuck, and the gate goes berserk.

So, of course, I pushed the button wrong, and the farking gate button stuck, so the farking gate was going open-shut-open-shut-open-shut.... but only by about a foot at a farking time. Psycho poodle is freaking out, and I'm afraid he will get crushed by the gate, so I push against it and the safety thingy works and the gate stops.

By this time, I am seriously pissed off.

I manage to save my food, but the driveway gate is open, and psycho poodle sees my neighbor walking her mean-ass little dog, and runs out the gate to say hello. The neighbor's dog bites psycho poodle, and psycho poodle proceeds to kick my neighbor's dog's arse.

I have both hands full of food, and the back door is still stuck. And my dog is fighting in the street.

I kicked the back door in, which sent the farking defective knob flying across the living room. I put the food on the kitchen counter, and ran out the front door to keep my dog from killing the neighbor's furball.

After the dust settled, I had a foil pan full of not quite done food, a freaked out dog, a door with no dorknob, and a broken doorknob on my living room floor.

After a few hours, and a few vodkas, so I started feeling better, and today, it is almost funny. Almost.

My throwdown entry is Stuffed Peppers a la Garage Floor, with a side of Door Knobs.

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