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Originally Posted by gmholler View Post
I'm sorry, my friend, but try as I may I can't understand your point of view. The KCBS BOD is staffed by VOLUNTEERS (and I'm not speaking of the TN football team). I've been a member since 2005, and while it might've happened sometime earlier, like when email was a new "thing", this is also the first time for a meeting to be delayed like this in my memory - but that's just part of the nature of something volunteer. It's not like they're paid to be timely. And in the least, they came up with a plan to try to remedy this - what more would you have them do? At least they're acknowledging that they haven't had enough time to consider the issues on the agenda instead of just blindly voting on them.

Is there something MORE to this that you're seeing?

Lynn H.
Lynn, the volunteer argument doesn't cut it with me either. No one forced any of these people to volunteer to run for the office, nor did anyone force any of them to become officers.

It's really very simple: if you volunteer, you are accepting a responsibility to perform, not to attempt to perform unless it becomes inconvenient.

Look, they have a month, an entire month, to put out the agenda. That not happening is simply inexcusable especially since they know that the meeting cannot take place unless it happens on time.
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