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Originally Posted by VisionQuest220 View Post
I call "Bullsheet"!

I've been a member of KCBS for going on 5 years and this is the first time that I can recall that an entire BoD meeting had to be rescheduled because the agenda wasn't put out on time. We're not talking about some local club meeting where decisions that impact a handful of people are made. This is a national organization and the BoD has a responsibility to people all across the nation.

When something as simple as the distribution of the meeting agenda brings the process to a screeching halt, there's a bit of a problem there that shouldn't be allowed to persist.

Sorry folks, the old "life sometimes gets in the way" excuse doesn't pass muster here.
I'm sorry, my friend, but try as I may I can't understand your point of view. The KCBS BOD is staffed by VOLUNTEERS (and I'm not speaking of the TN football team). I've been a member since 2005, and while it might've happened sometime earlier, like when email was a new "thing", this is also the first time for a meeting to be delayed like this in my memory - but that's just part of the nature of something volunteer. It's not like they're paid to be timely. And in the least, they came up with a plan to try to remedy this - what more would you have them do? At least they're acknowledging that they haven't had enough time to consider the issues on the agenda instead of just blindly voting on them.

Is there something MORE to this that you're seeing?

Lynn H.
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