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Well, I was at a complete loss on this category. Usually, I think of a grill as something that you might use, and not as one of the ingredients of a dish. Note the item chosen must be a part of the dish, and must be edible in order to qualify (Rule #1) in this link:

Note that the item must also be smoked and grilled too, not just be used to smoke and grill. So as I see it, there are several requirements:
1. The "mini" must itself be smoked and grilled.
2. The "mini" must be part of a dish and must be edible.
3. The "mini" must be a working "mini" and not just a showpiece.

So, in order to comply with the rules and NOT be disqualified, I constructed an edible smoker as required. If Mr. Byte wants to uphold the rules, it would appear that he's going to be handing out an awful lot of DQs in this one.

So, like most good things, I began with a bacon weave,

This was covered in sausage, and the edges were folded in:

I then slid this into one of my wife's fancy mixing bowls and began work on another. When these were complete, I slipped them on the grill to firm them up:

Notice, this satisfies requirement #1. After most of the fat was rendered, I took them out and propped them on a ball of aluminum foil:

They browned up nicely. I didn't want to be tasting ash, so I put a small foil liner in one and loaded it up with lit charcoal:

I fully loaded the "mini" and closed it up:

And Voila, dinner is served! This satisfies requirement #3.

Well, if you think one MOINK isn't enough for dinner, you can always eat the mini, it's what we did. And that satisfies requirement #2.
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