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Originally Posted by bones64 View Post
I use the auber on my wsm works well. currently in the process of building a new cooker I would love to try your controller for free! I just looked at them last night I also looked at the pellet burner conversion my new cooker will be like the fec 100 I was thinking of just adding a fire box until I seen that. what is the aprox. btu out put of that burner? my cook chamber is 30x30x55 I would love to try this out for you as well.
I have given 20 pieces free or @$64 to various forums.
Promotional period is over.
Please read post just above yours, there is already one feedback
I expect many more feedbacks in 2 to 3 weeks.
Present price is US$128 for controller, blower, flange, and mail cost US$20
or US$138 for controller, blower, SS rain proof box, and mail cost US$40.
I do not know BTU, my burner is 6"x6"X20", it is big enough for an offset, grilling size 20"x24", single wall. If your smoker has double walls with heat insulator like FEC100, my burner is big enough. Indeed you most probably need to tune the blower output at 50% or less to have a small fire. Also I can send two BURNING ELEMENTS with different sizes, then you can have different BTU.
Also I have FEC100 type smoker, same size, double walls, and THICKER SS steel than FEC100, ex-works US$1000, sea freight and insurance to major international port is US$500. CIF US$1500. Even you pay inland shipping cost or import duty, it will be much cheaper
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