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Default Thanks!

Thanks for all the compliments everyone!
Originally Posted by fnnm358 View Post
that bis way to cool
I love the handle mod you did for the air vent on the quarter turn valve
time to go into business
I have had half a dozen people tell me that. I would really love to do this for a living, seriously thinking about it.
Originally Posted by pman777 View Post
Your build is indeed like a work of art. I did find it amusing, if I'm not mistaken, that you put a $5 Walmart thermometer in the middle of that creation.
It is indeed a 3.98 Walley special; the money went for my Mav ET-732 which I just love
Originally Posted by ChicagoSizzlin View Post
Wow now thats one bad ass drum !!! You did a great job on it and I love the biohazard emblem under the thermo !!
Thanks it was an old computer fan guard that i cut the tabs off.
Originally Posted by PimpSmoke View Post
Very nice, it's apparent that you put a lot of work into that. You're passion for welding is apparent.

In fact I would say that you put so much work into your creation, that for as much or less work you could have fabricated a smoker.
Looking for a trailer, propane tank and money now, it is on the to-do list.
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