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Originally Posted by chief domestic engineer View Post
yes....i r a redneck :-) I agree, i could open up the intake holes but in my defense I must say I have used it 3 times and the plastic does not melt. I think my charcoal grate needs some work. I have a piece of expanded metal with three bolts holding it off the floor with my WSM charcoal ring on top of it. The ash will choke out the fire before the charcoal runs out. I scored 3 weber lids yesterday so I will start dialing it in i guess.
Hmm.. That plastic is not melting? At all? I definitely did not think it would hold up to the 300 degrees or more that's down there by the fire.

How tall are these 3 bolts? It sounds like a fine approach as long as they lift the bottom of the coal grate say 3 inches off the ground.

I recently scored 1 weber-like lid but it's just a hair line too small causing it not to fit properly. I have to maybe hammer out the edge which might do the trick.
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