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Default Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Rib picture - Perfect 180

Originally Posted by BrooklynQ
Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae
Brooklyn, those are the meatiest, most solid ribs I've ever seen. I'm sure that has something to do with it, no? Meat selection?
I'm not sure what you're asking.
Arlin is dead on. Quality meat for competetion is hard to come by in some areas. A WallyWorld slab of ribs will never (probably) produce any results like that

That is why we shop hard for suppliers that have the right stuff to consistantly produce quality product.

And--Rod--I understand the garnish thing from the other side--for sure
It is pretty and it does seperate the pros from the "wanna be's".
Just another element or discriminator to the mix.

What ever the rules are, we will do it to the best of our ability.
Just hate to buy 5 friggin' heads of lettuce and then eat salad for a week

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