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That box belongs to Darren & Sherry Warth of Smokin' Clones BBQ. 2003 was Darren's first serious year at competing. He finished in the top five at the AR Open, but I can't remember the exact place.

As for the garnish topic, the use of lettuce and parsley in the box is what separates KCBS competition from other sanctioning bodies. I am a strong proponent of garnish. If the membership votes to do away with it, then I'll compete without it. However, as it's been said here, garnish is optional. The judges are instructed to judge the meat, not the greens. But, as someone else here said, the meat sure looks better laying on a nice bed of good looking greens. We eat with our eyes first. In my opinion, if a judge give you a 9 or 8 in appearance, it's harder to give you a lower score in taste or tenderness, unless you give them good cause.


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