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Default Smokey Joe Porkchops

Well, I managed to find some center cut porkchops with some really decent fat content.
What to do? GRILL! They were rubbed with Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction (Great on pork!) and allowed to sit in the fridge overnight. After bringing up to room temp it was time to fire up the Smokey Joe. I set up the Joe indirect with a small foil pan and some more foil to have about 1/3 area for the 1/3~1/2 chimney of lit coals. The chops were seared on both sides then cooked indirect. At 120 IT I glazed the chops with Big Ron's BBQ Sauce. This stuff is the a perfect compliment to the Sweet Seduction as it's very savory with a touch of sweet and a little heat. (Get some of this as well as the SMSS - you will NOT be disappointed) After the chops went a little further they were flipped and the second side was glazed and cooked to 145 (Meant to pull at 140 but, well, you know) and then foiled and rested while Redhot finished the sweet tater fries and some King's Hawiian rolls. There were no leftovers.

Here's some pics. Sorry about the focus.

Thanks for looking!
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