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Default Re: RE: Rib picture - Perfect 180

Originally Posted by BrooklynQ
I wonder how it would score now with the change in the judging rules. Back then it was 9 and work your way down. And I don't see anything there that would bring that score down. Now it's start at 6 and work you're way up or down. Is it still a 9? Maybe. I'd have to see it in 3D. From the pic, it's an 8. Why? side ribs look dry and the one on the left looks to have a layer of fat or the membrane still attached. The lettuce gets a 9.
Too close to tell from a pic.
As to garnish--sticking out of box in a couple of areas--no big deal.

Looking at the knife-work, excellent! Center peices appear to have come "in order" from one slab. Almost identical sizes on the width.
Clean cuts with no ragged edges.
If they "bit off the bone"--Championship Quality for sure for texture/tenderness.

Taste? It is a pic--gotta trust the judges there

Obviously, a "PRO" did this great looking entry

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