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Originally Posted by Smoker
If your gonna compete, it's a must to judge so you can see what the judges are looking for.

If your not gonna compete, it's a must for making friends and having a great time.

Win Win
I have commented on this before, but here is a good place to do it again!
Smoker is dead on!

I thought I cooked and knew good que till I judged
Saw the great, the good, the average, and the ugly then!
I never dreamed folks could cook as good as some of the entries I have judged. Whole new standard and goal for me
Lots of new ideas to work on.

Meeting the other judges, you realise that you will never make them all happy. Some are so biased to one flavor or the other that you are "out of the pool" if you don't guess right We do not even try. We go for quality with "middle of the road" flavors and avoid extremes.

The majority are really caring and try to be accurate.
You get to see it all after judging just a couple of events.
As Chad has said, the Judges Badge opens the doors on Friday to all the team's areas. That can not be all bad either

Plus, any entry fees to the area are normally waived, and that is not a bad thing either. Sometimes, ya get to park closer
Heck, pick a reason

Besides, it is fun and you are giving something back to the sport!

Just my nickle.

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